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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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8.9. >> this is a giant earthquake. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. the latest from the epicenter. it threatens to get much worse. japan has declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors. without power they simply cannot cool one plant there. radiation levels there have jumped 1000 times normal and pressure is rising in that reactor. thousands of residents have been evacuated as workers struggle to get the reactor under control to prevent a meltdown. some experts are calling it a greater threat than chernobyl. japan reporting 1000 people are dead. tens of thousands of people don't have a place to live tonight. and it is way too soon to put a
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dollar figure on this damage. early estimates are that the quake and tsunami has caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. here in california the tsunami warning has expired but an advisory is still in effect. tonight governor brown has declared a state of emergency for the four counties hit hardest by the tsunami including san mateo and santa cruz counts. docks destroyed, boats tossed around like tows. in crescent city a man was swept out to sea while taking pictures of the waves. >> it came from nearly 5000 miles away but with the help of a natural amplifier, a narrow harbor mouth, the force was staggering. len ramirez is in santa cruz county which saw the worst of the damage. >> reporter: it was about 10 hours ago when the first of the tsunami surges started coming ashore. wave after wave has been doing a lot of damage here in the harbor. things look pretty calm right now but the damage has been
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done. you could see the tsunami surges coming. wave after wave giving the normally calm waters of the santa cruz harbor a splashing. the biggest of the surges. tapping lines and tossing hundreds of boats like toys in a turbulent bathtub. >> what is it like to watch this? >> it is really devastating and just keeps getting worse. >> reporter: at least three boats were sunk, many more damaged. crowds of hundreds gathered on higher ground to watch the incredible show of nature's
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strength and man's feeble efforts to cope. >> one of the stupidest things i have done in a long time. >> in between surges some boat owners went down to the docks to retie their vessels, some barely escaped the next wave. >> i put extra lines on my sailboat over here and then i heard everybody going, oh and then i looked back and there were waves coming. >> then as quickly as they came in the surges retreated transforming the harbor into a fast moving muddy river leaving untied boats to the mercy of the current. one aply named cruiser calling the out and about became like a pinball as the skipper watched helplessly from the shore. >> it is just a floating disaster out there. and who knows what is going to happen. >> reporter: now you're looking at a live picture of a vessel assist craft here in the harbor. they are still very busy at
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this hour trying to secure some of the boats that were tossed about earlier in the day. now, the harbor master here in santa cruz reports that about 20 vessels have been sunk and 100 damaged here in the santa cruz harbor alone. now, this is happening in other harbors throughout california as well but here seems to be some of the worst damage. allen, that harbor mouth is wide and as the surge comes through it really narrows down so that wave action, that power just gets focused and it is like a funnel effect and it just really comes through here. right now if we can go back to a live shot we can show you the water is flowing like a river right now. you can see from our live shot you can see that water is just flowing out. that's another one of those surges. a lot more calm than it was earlier but you can see that action. it shouldn't be flowing that way. this is not a river, this is a harbor. should be calm water in here but you can see that water is just flowing and it is going pretty fast right now. you would have to say that is going 10, 15 miles an hour
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right now. so we may -- the worst of this may not be over. we may be in for some stuff happening still. i want to focus a little bit on that. vince, if you can see that right in the middle, a floating piece and things going back and forth and you can really see the speed it is going. this shouldn't be happening. there is nothing for this to flow into until the end of the harbor so when it hits the end of the harbor it has been going on all day long. it is not over yet. >> what we have been hearing all day long the first sign pulls and recedes. you are telling that is what is happening and looks like it is moving pretty good. you are saying you are anticipating another surge coming in. >> reporter: i think this is the surge coming in because that way is inland and that way is the open ocean. >> got you. >> reporter: just before we went on air it went out receding now coming back again.
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>> that's the coming in. and i know up in creston city i had heard that some of the docks up there were pretty old but it looks like here in santa cruz the docks were in pretty good shape. even a new dock. we are watching that video of the biggest surge of the day you would have a hard time holding up to that. >> reporter: exactly. most of the docks are newer but some of the older ones are on the other side of the harbor and those are the ones that were snapping. the old wooden docks, they just weren't able to hang under the stress and so they were snapping like twigs. you could hear that sound of timber cracking, you know. it is the type of thing when a tree falls down you hear that splitting of the wood. same thing you can hear over here. >> wow, pretty amazing. >> i'm sure all the boat owners have been advised and watching very closely. all right, len ramirez in santa cruz. thank you. >> we are getting video from crescent city. the waves are coming into shore from the tsunami. one person up there is missing tonight. he was one of three people actually swept out to sea.
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they were all taking pictures of these waves. two others did make it back to shore safely. the person missing tonight is feared dead. well, as the waves approached evacuations were ordered for several coastal cities. don knapp is in pacifica where despite the warnings most people decided not to evacuate. don. >> reporter: dana, i would say that after watching tsunami disasters around the world for the past decade the reality of a tsunami hitting the california coast did come home to a lot of people along the coastal areas and when the warnings came they did leave. prompted by tsunami warnings residents of coastal areas around half moon bay headed for higher ground and parked. this is the intersection of highways 92 and 35 around 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. this morning. but this high school scientist teacher stayed at coast level and watched what he said was the most remarkable thing he has ever seen on the beach. >> we saw the water from the harbor getting pulled but because the forces were so strong and powerful they were picking up that soot and
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sediment and carrying it outward with it. >> my roommate he just ran, woke everyone up. screamed. robin got really scared and he was just like -- let's all go, forget everything. >> reporter: these pacifica residents got early morning warning calls and drove up above the town to get a look and stay out of the way of any waves. >> we got ahold of all our parents. and they said just -- they are not too concerned but we are just waiting for, like, the alarms to go off or whatever. >> michael hatfield had been watching videos on his computer. >> i was trying to get as far away from the ocean as possible. >> reporter: this child new what to do. >> you can see the the tsunami but you won't get hit here. >> reporter: the fear was real. >> we take the beach for granted and anything can happen at any moment. >> got a phone call from my friend and turned the t.v.
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on. >> got my neice up and we started packing, getting the dogs together, making sure that we have water for three days. we got our clothes, our meds, important papers. >> reporter: it wasn't just a family that these two were concerned about. >> the animals, of course, were the first ones loaded into the vehicle. >> we have a cat in there, we have two more cats over in the other car. german shepherd. >> we kind of caravaned out about 4:30 p.m., quarter to five. >> you were up early. >> because of the phone call we have got. >> there have been so many tsunami warnings over the years without serious consequence some folks weren't motivated to evacuate. nancy bailey called it all media hype. >> i evaluated the situation and did not find it life
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threatening. >> but for many here that small wave did pack a wallop and a lot of credibility and made believers out of them when it comes to tsunamis. dana? >> you have to have a healthy fear and respect of the ocean. all right, don knapp, thank you. about a dozen japanese firefighters have spent the last week here in the bay area training to respond to disasters including floods, terrorist attacks and other emergencies. tragically today they are stranded here unable to help victims back home. they were scheduled to leave today but the tsunami forced their flights to be canceled. one has made contact with his family. the other has not been able to reach any of his relatives. the two were from the area hardest hit. >> it is really frustrating that he can't be there and
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can't do anything until the flight is available. >> as of this morning we really had to have a little talk with them and tell them we are here to help them and wished the best for them and their families and people in japan. >> the firefighters are working with the japanese consulate to try to find a way home. the fire protection district the first american company up for deployment to japan if the u.s. government decides to send personnel. they are going to ask if the japanese firefighters can accompany them on a military aircraft should they be deployed. >> well, up and down the california coast people were watching the clock and waiting this morning. and while it was a little behind schedule it happened. slowly. so we are going to show you the tsunami as it hit california minute by minute. >> i'm simon perez live in menlo park. the power of an asteroid
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hitting the earth comparing this earthquake. >> it is a sobering reminder these threats are very real. do you know where you stand when it comes to rising waters? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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timetable for this morning. 8:08 was the scheduled arrival time for the tsunami watching the calamity in japan we knew the timetable. 8:08 a.m. it was a pretty precise forecast on this something. >> i think the system worked with this one. of course, yes, just about 20 hours ago we were looking at that tsunami actually beginning to start out of japan and you could see it making its way across the pacific. once these get going the energy unleashed just amazing. this one just soring across the
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pacific at 600 miles per hour. we were watching the hawaiian islands and saw waves there at 60 on maui. it was interesting. at ocean beach this morning at about 8:15 to 8:20 nothing remarkable was happening. then we got this report from santa cruz county at 8:31 a.m. >> she joins us live once again from santa cruz county. high above the pacific there. what can you tell us? >> well, just a few minutes ago we saw the waters recede and as you can see behind me they are receding once again. very quickly within the past five minutes they have almost quickly receded. many residents around here very shocked. >> and that was a telltale sign. shopper 5 had -- chopper 5 had these shots. and we saw this.
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you can see the water beginning to surge onshore into the santa cruz harbor. we were expecting rises between 2 to 3 feet. now, this is not your typical wave. so we are talking about a massive water. all of a sudden rising up as it approaches the coastline and surging onshore with all the energy it started with and roared in through the harbor. something else that caught or eye was the whirlpool. all that water churning in and out. with tsunamis it is not a single wave but a series of waves moving onshore, hitting the coastline moving back out so you see that churning of all that water and that's exactly what happened. we saw some whirlpools happening there. and it was just getting started. this video just after 9:00 a.m., 20 minutes after the first push and this lasts for better than an hour as we saw these boats coming in and out. it almost didn't seem real. so why does a little harbor like this take such a hit? here is steve ward, a geo physicist at uc santa cruz.
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>> harbors in general affected. tsunami. japan for harbor. that's where you notice them the most because harbors have a larger open mouth and tend to funnel in just like a funnel. so all the energy comes in and bounces off the walls and tends to get amplified there. that is why all the damages happen in open coastlines. >> this hit at low tide. very low tide. if we would have seen a 6, 7- foot tide which we have here we very well could have seen other places inundated. >> this is a minus tide. not a low tide. >> what caught a lot of people sort of off guard. many of us have seen these things, it wasn't a big wave like we are used to seeing right at the ocean it was more that surge and undertow that was so -- and it is so strong. undertows are very strong. >> absolutely. it is that transfer of energy
6:18 pm
sending all that moisture, all that water, that energy across the pacific and, yes, it is not like your typical wave that hit 2 feet along the coastline. we are talking a magazines of water that lifts up and surges onshore. we saw what a 2-foot, 3-foot tsunami can do. >> at least most people paid attention to the warnings. it looks like we have lost one person but most people listened and they did what they were told. >> that's right. advisory remains in effect. we are not just done just yet. we have seen tsunamis continuing along the coastline so we have to stay on guard for a little longer. >> lawrence, thank you. >> all right. >> gentlemen, thank you. the size of the tsunami was shocking. but the size of the earthquake that caused it almost unbelievable. simon perez went to menlo park to ask the simple question. 8.9. simon. >> reporter: dana, this definitely was a big one ranking in the top 5 of the
6:19 pm
last 100 years. >> it is hard to imagine. really in terms of what could be more powerful. i mean, it is on the class of these catastrophic hurricanes or asteroid impacts. >> reporter: this earthquake unfolded under the worst circumstances. >> it was almost like the perfect storm. it was a really strong quake. it wasn't very deep. and it happened close to shoreline where there is lots of bay. >> in a way you can say that. >> the quake was just offshore as the ocean floor rammed against japan. >> but how much stronger was this one than 1906. >> the comparison is a little bit difficult because it is a different kind of earthquake. as you know the san andreas earthquakes tend to be a slip so the motion is horizontal. whereas this particular earthquake involved the pacific plate diving under the japanese islands. this is probably one of the worst places for tsunami waves to hit because it has a lot of
6:20 pm
bays, a lot of harbors and in bays and harbors, they tend to funnel the tsunami waves and make them much bigger. >> reporter: heading east the wave roared across the pacific. >> in the open ocean the tsunami waves go at about the speed of a modern jet liner. about 500 miles an hour. >> reporter: the damage seen in other parts of the california coast were absent in the san francisco bay because after the water rushed through the funnels that is the golden gate it spread out across the expanse of the bay. the energy dissipated. >> is there any reason to suspect that what happened in japan could trigger something here? >> i think most geoscientists would say unlikely. >> reporter: this quake really crossed into territory almost to the nines. the 2004 indonesia earthquake
6:21 pm
was the biggest so far. the richter scale doesn't apply to today's science. dr. richter never saw a magnitude 9 earthquake. in fact the richter scale only goes up to 6. so, dana, you can very literally say yesterday's earthquake was off the richter scale. >> definitely was. simon, thank you so much. simon perez. you probably know a lot of things about your home and your neighborhood. but do you know your home's exact elevation? plenty of reasons why you should. that's in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tsunami was coming, it still turned out to be a pretty nice day weather wise around the bay area. a dry one outside. catching a break from the stormy weather but we have got more storms on the horizon. just another live look from our chopper 5 over the santa cruz
6:24 pm
harbor where they have experienced the most damage we have seen in the bay area from the tsunamis moving onshore and they are not done just yet but you can see folks hard at work trying to fix some of the damage that has already been done. so as we head through the night tonight, it looks like weather wise we are going to see a few clouds making their way across our skies. we have got a weak system trying to move on through for tonight. that will bring some clouds and we will have to see a couple patches of fog out there as well. but doesn't look like a bad night. if you're headed out the door partly cloudy skies into the evening. temperatures running mainly into the 50s all around the bay area. probably a little fog developing though as we head into the midnight hour. temperatures as we look toward tomorrow will see a lot of clouds moving in especially late in the day and planning about 59 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in napa. could see 60 in fremont. 61 degrees in san jose. 61 degrees in livermore. but, this break that we had today, not lasting long. looks like the clouds will begin to move onshore tomorrow. clouding things up especially late in the day. a slight chance of showers
6:25 pm
mainly north of the golden gate bridge. late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. then looks like a better chance of rain around the rest of the bay area as we head into sunday. come monday another chance of some showers then i think another storm moves in to make for a wet day come tuesday. a chance of more scattered showers into wednesday and probably next friday as well. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. even though with had warning that the tsunami was coming it still caught people by surprise. julie watts on the consumerwatch with some tools now that can help you assess your home's tsunami risk. >> reporter: the first rule of tsunami survival is simple. >> pack up your emergency supplies and head inland and uphill. >> reporter: but jeff norris of the san mateo office of emergency services says figuring out in advance if you're on safe ground is more complicated. >> reporter: emergency officials will order the evacuation but it is important to know beforehand if you're in a danger zone.
6:26 pm
it is usually based on geography, elevation and distance from the ocean. to find out if you're at risk you can start with the website like for instance, cbs5 at battery and broadway sits at 22 feet in elevation and about 6 miles from the coast. san francisco residents can cross-reference this with this inundation map at for the rest of the bay there are similar maps at noah's website but they happen to be down today. keep in mind these maps are estimates and the reality depends on the size and origin of tsunamis. >> if you are in the inundation form you shouldn't have to go far for safety. >> as little as a quarter mile or half mile or elevation change of 100 or so foot is more than adequate to get you out of the danger zone. don't do what these folks in san mateo county did saying pulling over in the wrong place could pose more problems. >> that creates a potential roadblockage if enough people
6:27 pm
do that. people become fearful and want to leave the area. >> just like with earthquake preps good idea to keep an emergency kit inside your home and your car along with warm clothes. most home insurance coverages do not cover tsunami damage. >> that's right, an act of god. >> thank you, julie. in the next hour we will focus our attention back on the heart of this disaster and that of course is japan. the latest from an island dealing with everything from flooding to fires and a growing emergency at a nuclear power plant. i'm linda yee in san francisco. those terrifying pictures from japan were seen by relatives and friends here in the bay area and some of them say they haven't even been able to contact any loved ones to find out if they survived. and this wasn't the first time a flashback to northern california's last damaging tsunami. ,,,,,,,,,,
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search is on for survivors in japan, following it tore through communities like they were made of tinfoil. now tonight the search is on for survivors in japan following the massive earthquake and its devastating tsunami. japan has declared states of
6:31 pm
emergency for five nuclear reactors at tower power plants. workers are struggling to get the reactors under control to prevent meltdowns. meanwhile nicole collins reports large parts of that country remain virtually shut down. >> reporter: a massive wall of water swept away everything in its path following the largest earthquake to hit japan in the country's recorded history. the 8.9 magnitude quake sent cars over bridges, cracked buildings and sparked dozens of fires. hundreds of bodies were found in sendai city, the epicenter of the earthquake. amateur video shows people clinging to chairs and book shelves swaying side to side. a number of strong aftershocks were found in tokyo more than 200 miles away. >> reporter: there is a risk of mud slides and collapsing buildings. >> reporter: tokyo is in a state of gridlock. >> train lines are stopped.
6:32 pm
stores are closed. commuters and people downtown are trapped there for the night. >> reporter: tsunami warnings were issued in dozens of countries including the entire u.s. west coast and hawaii where tsunami waves some as high as 6 feet came in throughout the morning. so far no significant damage is reported. >> it is not going to be a major damaging event but there is going to be scattered damage all over the place. >> reporter: president obama called the disaster heartbreaking. >> this morning i spoke with the prime minister on behalf of the american people conveying our condolences and offered our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed. >> reporter: he said the federal emergency management fema is working to assist authorities on the west coast. in washington, i'm nicole collins. >> that state of emergency declaration for five nuclear
6:33 pm
reactors in japan. tonight a nuclear waste specialist is warning conditions could soon be ripe for a catastrophe worse than chernobyl. people that live within six miles of the nuclear plant have been urged to evacuate. the plant is now relying on battery-power backup. kevin camps who works for the antinuclear power group beyond nuclear says the battery power will only last about eight hours. without the ability to cool he says nuclear fuel could combust producing a radio active release worst than the chernobyl disaster. radiation levels have jumped 1000 times above normal inside one of those reactors. eight times above normal outside the plant. a backup cooling method, a last ditch method is on standby. there could be a shortage of memory chips that go into smartphones and tablets. a major factory south of the quake's epicenter shut down for a time after the earthquake.
6:34 pm
cnet said it had a split second outage in december and the company said that impacted production by 20% for two months. this outage is believed to have lasted a lot longer than that. the factory run by toeshiba is back up again we are told. in a statement the company says it is still working on assessing the situation. toshiba. here in the bay area thousands of japanese americans are watching the devestation in japan, many trying to contact loved ones there. linda yee is in san francisco's japan town top. >> reporter: dana, many families here who have been watching these pictures say it has been impossible to talk to loved ones back in japan by phone. it is especially tough for those who traveled here for business or vacation before that earthquake hit. the pictures are terrifying. people running and dodging falling chunks of debris and pieces of buildings.
6:35 pm
then the tsunami swallowing town tons live all seen by friends and family living in th bay area. >> i have two friends living at ground zero and i am not able to contact them. >> reporter: the family lives about 100 miles from the area hit by the tsunami. he hasn't heard from any of them. >> i called 20 times last night. i couldn't reach anybody. >> reporter: communications have been down but some contact can be made through e-mail and social networking sites. flying into tokyo from san francisco just yesterday worried about her country. >> well, that's a disaster and the situation in japan is not good now. so i don't know what will we do, the government? >> do you know if your home is okay? >> i think so but i couldn't talk to my mom and family. >> that must worry you?
6:36 pm
>> right. but hopefully i think soon. >> she is flying home to tokyo on monday. >> reporter: these japanese students are here for two weeks. they were able to skype family. the devestation is making them anxious. >> too bad. i worry about japan. >> reporter: bay area japanese american groups are organizing fund-raisers for disaster relief. the owners of this place are donating part of their proceeds to help family and friends back home. steve says he wants to help. he doesn't know if his two brothers and sister are safe. >> unfortunately i couldn't go through my cell phone, home phone. i just can't reach no one so far. >> reporter: families say they were thankful that they were able to reach their loved ones by e-mail or facebook or twitter. but, dana, they say it did very little to ease their fear.
6:37 pm
>> very tough time for them. linda yee, thank you. what we are seeing today something what a lot us have never seen before. after the break, northern california the last time. nfl collective bargaining deadline has come and again. what is next? and the gaels have a new anthem to take them to the big dance. the worst of the coastal damage,
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call me. damage in our area has been in santa cruz harbor. several boats capsized after surges of the worst of the coastal damage in our area santa cruz has beenor. several boats capsized. preliminary damage estimates are topping $15 million. len ramirez is there live with how boat owners are dealing with all this destruction. len? >> reporter: well, they are just now starting to clean up and look at what nature has done to their craft out here in the santa cruz harbor.
6:40 pm
just an incredible seen all day long here after surge after surge came through the harbor here. the water level never really got to the point where it would threaten people on the banks of the harbor as i'm standing right now but it really did give the boats a thrashing. now, i want to show you one of the ways it came through. this one came through at about 11:20 a.m. today. strongest wave that we saw coming through today. just a very powerful force of nature rolling through. now, the boats in the harbor were uplifted. they were helpless. many were left floating and drifting about. at least 20 were sunk. another 100 were damaged. boat owners on the shore were in some cases in tears. >> this is devastating. this is really devastating. and it just keeps getting worse. and i keep getting phone calls. i apologize. we have been here six years and this is really scary. i'm emotional. i've got to go. >> reporter: things have significantly calmed down since earlier today but we have still
6:41 pm
seen the smaller surges come through. so it is still not over yet, allen. there are harbor patrols and a lot of people coming onto the docks themselves. doesn't look that bad from our vantage point but when you get up close a lot of damage. boats were really slamming into each other and slamming into rocks and other things. debris that was out here on the harbor. so there will be significant damage to a lot of very expensive boats out here. >> we will see what the weekend and daylight tomorrow bring. len ramirez, thanks. at least one person is missing tonight after being swept out to sea while taking photographs of the tsunami in crescent city. this is youtube video of some of the waves crashing ashore in that northern california town. two other people caught in that wave managed to swim to safety. the coastguard is searching for the missing person who is feared dead. the sheriff's office says there was severe damage to crescent city's harbor and many boats sank. now, today's tsunami brought
6:42 pm
back memories to some who were living on the west coast when it was struck by another huge tsunami in the 60s. the 1964 alaskan tsunami was the largest and most destructive to ever strike the united states' pacific coast. of the three west coast states, casino was the hardest hit. ten victims were from crescent city which was hit by a 21-foot wave. farther to the south along the california coast tsunami waves did hit southern california causing a few problems there. sandra hughes with what has been going on there. >> reporter: allen, we have been watching these waves all day here in santa monica in the bay area. it is kind of dark. i'm not sure if you can see them behind me. but really they stayed steady. they have not been -- there is no damage in this area. about an hour ago my cameraman
6:43 pm
hank was doing a live shot and said that behind me he saw the water go out in a bit of a surge. it is really the only thing of significance that we have seen here. now, south of santa monica had several boats that were damaged in the harbor. a 60-foot vessel actually broke free of its mooring and slammed into a pier. down in san diego we just heard about a barge, a bait barge that was damaged and actually dropped all of its load of fish into the san diego bay. but still all in all we have gone -- we have come away unscathed here in southern california. >> hopefully like here, down there some lessons learned through all of this. >> reporter: well, definitely. and the lifeguards were going up and down here really keeping
6:44 pm
the beach clear. when folks tried to get close to the water they would say the beach isn't closed but you've got to stay back from the water. so better safe than sorry. >> respect it all the time. time to talk about your weekend weather. is it going to be rainy or will we see sunshine? we will have your forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 pm
lawrence is with us very busy with the tsunami involving invaluable insight. >> folks getting ready for weekend plans. i think it is a split division as we will see rain making its way that the bay area but i think the better part of saturday is looking okay. outside right now, not too bad as we are looking over the city of san francisco. got a couple of clouds there making their way across the sky. more of that coming as we head through the night tonight and we will also see some patchy fog developing. a weak disturbance off the coastline. you can see it making its way onshore and doesn't look like it has enough energy to bring us rainfall but will bring
6:48 pm
clouds over the next few hours. overnight tonight we will see a few clouds tomorrow. we are seeing partly cloudy skies and there is a chance we could see some showers late in the day. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. the rest of us just seeing clouds passing on by. temperatures running up into the 50s and also the 60s. outside right now you've got 59 degrees in livermore. 56 in san jose. and 53 degrees in san francisco. i think if you plan on traveling around the stay be prepared for rain especially as you head a bit further to the north. showers likely as you head out. high country. storms moving in. so we will see mixture of snow and rain across the higher elevations there. so be prepared for that. and looks like that will continue right on in through sunday and monday as well. so we have got a system after a brief break brought us some sunshine for today. this next system beginning to put itself together. not really well organized. but we are seeing a little subtropical tap to this one. i think the chance of rain will increase especially in the latter part of the weekend but
6:49 pm
for tonight i think the big concern will be fog. heading into tomorrow night we will start talking about rain around the bay area. all right, let's take you in for a closer look and those temperatures outside tomorrow afternoon not all that bad. we will see lots of clouds but numbers not too bad in the santa clara valley. 60 degrees there. 61 in san jose. 60 degrees in union city and 55 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures running up also into the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. so some pretty decent weather and don't expect to see rain there but we could sneak in a couple of scattered showers late in the day in parts of the north bay and keeping those temperatures down just a bit as well because we will see a lot of cloud cover in that area. so as we look out over the next few days getting you going on the weekend looks like at least a slight chance of some showers again north of the golden gate bridge late in the day on saturday. the rest of us doing okay just some passing clouds but then overnight on saturday night and into sunday looks like a better chance of rain as that system begins to make its way across the bay area. i think a couple leftover showers come monday. and then on tuesday another
6:50 pm
storm moves in, you get the idea. kind of on and off for the next seven days or so. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. another day another buzzer beater in college basketball. and the stanford women put all its different winning streaks on the line in the pac-10 tournament. that's next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined.
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we have a lot more work to do.
6:53 pm
de-certifiedâ tom brady, peyton manning and drew there isn't going to be football? >> for the for a while. maybe late in the season. they agree right now to disagree. after the nfl players' union decertified. peyton manning and drew brees filed lawsuits in an injunction in the lawsuit in an atestimony attempt -- in an attempt to avoid the lockout. the sanford women have won 22 straight games so the only real question mark is which sister is better? >> she is better. >> at this point. >> i'm more experienced. >> at this point she is better.
6:54 pm
right now that's an easy question. >> i'm not going to take sides but both of the sisters were better today than anyone in an arizona jersey. a fast break layup. then a sweeping hook off the glass. she finishes with 21 points and 13 rebounds. on the other block it is the right hand hook for two of her 32 points. the sisters combined for 53 points and 23 rebounds. sanford blows out arizona 100- 71. they will take on ucla in the championship team. bruins led cal by as many as 23 and cruise to a win to end the bears' tournament hopes. roy williams firing up his tar heels after they fell behind 19 in the second half. >> 4 seconds. marshall driving. >> north carolina comes back to beat miami 61-59 and advanced
6:55 pm
to the acc semifinals. hoops and playoffs. sacred heart. the layup. but the irish were no match for o'dell. getting the steal taking it the other way for the two-hand jam. the dragons win 74-61 to advance to the semifinals. according to the bracket, st. mary's should have nothing to worry about on selection sunday and if the gaels do hear their name called they have got their own song for the big dance. dennis o'donnell has the story. >> first day in class called out my name for roll call and it was like, oh, yeah, has everyone seen your video. i was like sitting in the front of the class, you're buzzing me out. >> reporter: daniel's rap debut has practically gone platinum on the st. mary's campus. ♪[ music ]
6:56 pm
>> reporter: singing st. mary's unofficial anthem. he and six others are the brains behind the gaels gone wild fan club. complete music video and t- shirts. it is even catching on in the land down under. >> mom and dad were actually asking for a couple and some friends as well. they had a look at the video and, yes, it caught on as well. so it has gone international. >> reporter: back home it caught on in the student section and music video has received over 160,000 hits on youtube. nearly 10 times the population of moraga. >> it is kind of crazy. then the next day another 1000 plays and 10,000 plays the next couple days. >> they are e-mailing the song
6:57 pm
out to potential students. >> it went around campus, went to 7-eleven. we told a guy to get into it. dance with us. why not? so you just see him going crazy in the back ground with this. >> last week i tried to go into this club and my song was playing. dude, my song is playing. they are like no. i was like never going back to that place again. where is the love and royalties. even the sausages needed a little spring break warm up before the regular season. as and brewers in the desert. michael taylor smashing a double to the gap. josh donaldson comes around to score. 1-0 as. another solid outing for tyson ross. as lose 4-3. beat the dodgers 9- 2. >> you're not buying the warmup for this? >> all right. we are coming back. we will be back at 10:00 p.m.
6:58 pm
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